SAOIC Community Health Worker (CHW)

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Community Health Worker (CHW) Training

Give us 20 weeks and we’ll help you change your life. As one of the premier vocational schools in Minnesota, our curriculum has already helped hundreds of graduates launch rewarding careers in healthcare at some of the most innovative companies in Minnesota.

In our healthcare program the community Health Worker (CHW) training was crafted to plug you directly into the most relevant techniques and practices in the industry. The school rewires your mind to take on the exciting challenges of a career in healthcare. This hands-on-training course is designed to teach students CPR, medical documentation, health education and other industry practices.The relationships formed with your fellow students, industry mentors, and guest speakers provide you an invaluable network of passionate, diverse healthcare allies to call upon throughout your career.

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Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance

We work with our partners to reduce health disparities, achieve the Triple Aim (better health and better care at lower cost), and foster healthier communities.

In order to reach these goals, we serve as a convener, catalyst, expert and resource to advance and integrate community health worker strategies. CHW approaches are an integral part of the solution to the challenges facing our communities and our health care, public health, and social services systems.

We build awareness, promote education, partner to integrate and expand access to CHW models, share research, and take action for greater impact. We provide information, networking, consulting, and technical assistance services.

Anonymous Donors

Automobile Donation

A local nonprofit dedicated to helping people who are experiencing economic hardship will donate two vehicles to SAOIC LBAMS recipients upon completion of the mentoring program.

Laptop Computers

A local computer company will donate a laptop to each LBAMS recipient upon completion of the mentoring program.